August 27, 2010

Top 10 beauty gurus on youtube

Hey people!

You know, everyday I find myself logging on to youtube waiting to see if the people I subscribed to has put up a new video or not. I grew to like their videos so much I don't even bother to view other people's channel as I know the people that I subscribed to will upload a new video every other day so why should I watch other people's channel which I might not even like?

Haha.. anyways I did try to look for other good ones too as there are many out there with good quality videos who deserve the credit too! I am, of course, talking about beauty gurus on youtube. The videos that I enjoyed watching the most are reviews and hauls. Occasionally, tutorials as I knew I rarely follow their step-by-step instructions... maybe I should but I'm kinda lazy.

Here are my 10 favourite beauty gurus on youtube. :P There are actually a lot more that I loveee. =)

10) Allthatglitters21

I like her personality. She's so funny sometimes. I do like watching her tutorials but her eyelids and the shape of her eyes are reallyyyy different in comparison with mine so I find it kinda hard to recreate. =/ Her videos are really entertaining though! :DD

9) QueenBeauty

I have just recently subscribed to QueenBeauty, about a few weeks ago and I like how organised each of her videos are and she gives really good tips. I also noticed that she just joined last year but I went on to this forum and there were people talking about how she deleted all her old videos and stuff. So I'm still confused on that. Oh well, as long as the videos are good.

8) Juicystar07

Blair. When I first subscribed to her she wasn't that famous yet but now she's all over the internet and people actually opened up a blog to say bad things about her and her sister which is really unnecessary. I find that I really look forward to her videos which I think is because I know she'll always has something to say :P haha and I like watching her haul videos coz you'll know for sure she won't be buying just 2 or 3 items. All the way, girl.

As for her tutorials, I'm not really a big fan as they all look kinda the same to me. But you know, maybe it's just me.

7) Makeupfreeek

Jerlyn is one of my favourite youtubers definitely! I love watching her haul videos and reviews especially! What I like about her tutorials is that she uses the 88 palettes, which is something that I can actually use as some of the other gurus mostly preferred to use MAC products or Urban Decay and stuff... which just makes me sad coz I don't have em. :P

Another thing that I like about her is that she replied to my tweets and responded to my comments on youtube, which is always fun. :P

6) Frmheadtotoe

Jen is so cute! The look that she did (above) is one of my favourite! I like watching her use all those cute brushes that she have in her videos haha I think she also uses BB creams which I notice the other gurus never mentioned about. She also did some looks for those with monolids, like me. :P

5) Holly ann-aeree

I like watching Holly's tutorials coz she normally uses the ELF quads, Mabelline's or Revlon's which I have access to in Brunei. Plus she has asian lids, I has asian lids. Easier to relate to, if you know what I mean. I'm sure you do. And I like her reviews on all those lip products. Coz now I will at least have a good idea on how a product will be like before I actually got them, like the Revlon colorburst lipstick.

4) MakeupgeekTV

Marlena! She is super sweet in her videos and her tips on makeup is awesome! I can't think of any off the top of my head but she's a really good makeup artist and I like the way she did her videos. Like how in the middle of them she'd give us tips and stuff. She's currently doing looks which are soda inspired or something. Really, really creative and super colourful looks. Gotta love her!

3) Michelle Phan

Of course Michelle is in this list! Haha I like how she always started with just a clean face with her dark circles and stuff coz we all know that by the end of her video, her face will look super perfect. I actually bought the EOS lip balm after watching her use it in some of her videos as she said it's her favourite. And if it's Michelle Phan's favourite, you just KNOW you gotta try it too.

2) MissChievous

She's from Switzerland and I've always watched her videos thinking... Man, she lives in the same country as Federer! Haha I enjoy watching her tutorials as she has a super huge collection of them in her channel. You can find all kinds of looks from there, Kardashian inspired, Volturi inspired, Miley Cyrus inspired. And some halloween looks too!

and lastly...

my no. 1 favourite makeup guru on youtube...

1) Kandee Johnson

Kandeeee! She's probably the bubbliest and happiest person on youtube (and the internet, as she claimed). And that earring in her photo that she's using, she had a giveaway with that but I didn't win. =/ haha Anways she had lots of videos on her channel too and her halloween ones are spectacular! Especially the barbie one, so cute and she really resembles Barbie! Here, I'll just show it to you:

See? What did I tell ya? Okay fine, she was wearing shades so you can't really tell. Go watch the video then! Definitely, definitely one of the best makeup guru I've seen on youtube.

So there ya go, my top 10 beauty gurus on youtube. There are a lot more which I like, like JlovesMac1. Her personality is so different from the rest and she's also really funny sometimes. You know it's not all the time that I wanna learn how to do a look or anything but these videos can really be entertaining! Trust me! Haha..

Whoo... the longest post ever man. Gotta run!

*Note: All pictures above does not belong to me, they're taken from either the guru's blog, website, facebook or twitter account.*
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