August 15, 2010

All play and no work

I've been playing PS2 in the sacred room lately. Haha This is actually funny for me to say coz I never ever ever plays PS2. My bro plays it the most. Normally I'd just walk past without even looking at what he's playing or whatever but this weekend, I finally found the game for me. What I hate about the games is that there is no guarantee that it'll be good.

The disc will of course show screen shots of the game which looks pretty awesome but once you start playing, it seems like crap. Out of 10 games, I found that mostly only 0.5 of them can be considered Okay. Or maybe even less.

Shala picked a game for me and thought I'd like it. She's right.

And it's not even a new game.

My favourite character to use, the human torch!

It's funny how this week goes. I only stayed in the hostel for one night this week which is on monday. The rest of the days I spent at home. Awesome! But I know next week won't be the same coz I have MIB presentation to do. FFF!!! (F*ckF*ckF*ck) How ohhh?!!!

I watched a lot of movies this week too.. The naked gun1 and 2 being two of them. It's so funny!! It's even better than the pink panther movie, with the Clouseau or something. Eventhough the first one was made BEFORE I WAS BORN, it's pretty good! :P


Watched the whole season 3 of this too. Finally.


I dislike the character Georgina Sparks in Gossip girl. Every one knows that there's only bad news whenever she shows up in the series. Ugh.

I'm also waiting for vampire diaries season 2... That was a major cliffhanger in season 1! But I heard that there's gonna be like a love-square instead of a love triangle, what with Katherine being present in the next season. Eeekk. And werewolves are coming in too. Can't wait!

Also watched Toy Story 3 in the hostel the other day. My God, so sad in one of the last scenes. =( And also Vampires Suck. Dude, that one is really... haha don't wanna give any spoilers but I think it's better than the other parody movies.

I have to go. <-- Serena in GG said this EVERY SINGLE TIME before she hangs up her phone. Okay seriously, I have to go. Da.
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