August 4, 2010

Hostel, anyone?

Hey people. Even though it has only been a few days since I last blogged, it felt like a few months for me. Sometimes, I forgot my blog exists. That’s actually a good thing, coz it meant that I had more important things to think about other than this ‘online journal’.


It’s 11.37pm on a Tuesday when I’m typing this. But I’ll probably find some internet connection and post this some other day. We had just ended our orientation at the female hostel tonight. And I’m just fresh out of a shower. Showering in the middle of the night is so relaxing. I think everyone who stays in the hostel NEEDS one every night before bed.

When I stayed at home, I always use warm water. But here, you won’t even THINK about warm water. It’s cool water full blast. All the way, dude.

This never really occurred to me but I don’t trust the weather. As Sharon said, it’ll be scorching hot one minute and the next, it’ll be pouring like there’s no tomorrow. So… drying my clothes outside… is kinda difficult.

Omg. I sound so serious in this post!!

Actually I’m just giving excuses to type more coz I’m drying my hair. Everyone knows we shouldn’t sleep with wet hair. :P

Anyways, there are some problems with my modules application. The system told me that I’ve registered twice for every module. Thus I dropped the extra ones and the office dropped my cores instead. =( And then they told us to ADD them AGAIN. So round and round we go, searching for the lecturers and program leaders for their signatures.

Much Love, Shely

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