July 28, 2010

UBD through my eyes.

Hey people! Just got home a few hours ago from UBD. So many things are going through my head right now, like what modules to take and whether I should take any breadths or not and stuff. Not yet start the classes already stress.
Die la die la... :P

Plus, I don't wanna get lost trying to find my classes. I have estimated that it's gonna take 10 minutes to walk from the hostel to the lecture theater at the Chancellor hall. Roughly. Sure, it's ONLY 10 minutes but that's like 10 years of agony under the sun, especially when most of my classes ends at 12pm. -,- I've been having a lot of headaches lately coz in a minute I'm under the sun and the next I'm in an A/C-ed room.

And worst of all, I started drinking coffee.

You might not know this, but that's saying a lot. For me.

Here's a few shots of the hostel, gonna be moving to another room next week which is super dooper far from civilisation.

Bed. Doh.

My view from the bed. :P

I like how the Minnie mouse towel stands out. :PP

And of course you need to camwhore in the hostel!!

Me in my PJs. Someone told me: Oh, you got PJs like that. My aunty also uses those kind of PJs. dglkheurighrghnvklsnf.

In Ain's room before our journey to the hall. Suspicious figure at the back! lol

The chancellor hall during lunch time. Everyone's out probably to get a bite at Giant or somewhere while I'm stuck here boring myself out.

Last shot of me for the day.

Did I just hear you heaved a sigh of relief? :P

What I don't like about UBD though, is the fact that they have like a website for everything. Like hostel a separate one, the radio station, clubs, societies and stuff. All of them have different websites. It's no wonder there's almost NO information on the main UBD website. Me no likey.
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