July 1, 2010

My thoughts and lush

Hey people!!

I noticed that I always follow the same pattern when I blog. I always blog after I shower. Lol I don't know why but it makes me feel fresh (Doh) and my mind tends to feel clearer. After that I'd turn off the music playing on my notebook. I normally turn it off so that I actually know what I'm blogging about.

I can't hear myself in my thoughts when the music is on. But just for today, I decided to listen to music and blog. Oh and also, music tends to affect my mood. I listen to a happy one, I'd become happy. A sad one and I'll be sad.

I hope I'm not insane.

My days in Freme are so numbered everyday at work is almost precious. Almost. I'll definitely miss the feeling of it. Of stressing my head out and trying to work things out between me and my job. My job kinda hates me. =/

I can't wait for the future to knock on my door and say:
"Hey, what are you waiting for? Let's go."

Anyhoos, enough about me. I try to NOT talk about my personal life in here too much nowadays. Coz nobody cares and who knows? It might ruin my reputation or something. You never know these days some people really put everything out there. On Facebook pages, twitter and such.

I've been really interested in this brand lately. By really I mean really really. Unhealthy, almost. haha Of course it's lush. What else??! ;)


Hm.. not exactly the best looking sign around. But I heard the products are really good and that's what REALLY matters right? ;)

Here are a few of the products that I really wanna try someday:

(All soaps and massage bars from
here.)Honey I washed the kids soap.
Topped with a slice of beeswax and infused with bergamot and sweet orange to lift spirits right up into honey-heaven."

Alkmaar soap.
It has a creamy sexy jasmine and honeysuckle scent with smokey vetivert undertones.

Rockstar soap
"Sweet as rock candy, full of white soap stars and scented with vanilla absolute (used in flavouring cakes and ice creams), Rock Star is deliciously soft and creamy."
Therapy massage bar.
" The blend of organic lavender, sweet orange and neroli oils brings your weary body and mind to a place of tranquility. "

Each peach (And two's a pair) massage bar.
"Because this bar is packed with cocoa, shea, avocado and mango butters, it's a fantastic moisturizer. Plus, we add sweet orange oil, lime and grapefruit oils to refresh and wake you up. Perfect for a fruity, uplifting massage."

I went ahead and asked lush on Facebook whether their website ships these lovely items to Brunei and they said Yes! But only through their UK website.


Message of the day:

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

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