July 10, 2010

I hate changes.

Hey people!!

I know, I've been slacking again. Just 3.5 more working days to go before I'm leaving my job for good. I can't stress enough on how lucky I am to be able to get that job, even if it's just as an
accounts assistant/secretary/receptionist. :P I mean, I get to meet like 50+ of my other colleagues! From Seria, Tutong, Bandar and of course, KB, where I work. It's like a humongous family with many 'brothers' and 'sisters' and of course, one 'bapa' ;)

One big family. LOL.

Oh and I watched this like.. last weekend I think.

Seriously, I think there are too many kissing scenes and not enough action scenes. =( A lil bit disappointed about that but I think so far, this has been their best sequel to date. I hope the next one will be better. :)

And I can't wait to watch this too:

Vampires suck trailer. Hahaaha this is gonna be good!

Random shot of me.

Need to hold up on those Body Shop products. Need to make way for lush... which someone has already!! Jealous* You know who you are, don't act innocent gurl! :P Hopefully I'll be able to get a lil taste of Lush of my own soon... ;)

My EOS lip balms have arrived! But I haven't have the time to go and get it. Next week, probably. Can't wait to try them out!

Had my last lunch with 5 of my colleagues yesterday at Thai Buccaneer. Is that how you spell it? =/ I didn't even know where the heck that place is before this. They treated me and another colleague of mine as we're leaving the KB office... And why am I jumping back to this topic again??! Omg... Am I missing them already?!? Woah.

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