July 16, 2010

My last day of work. And a gathering =)

Hey people!!

Today is a good day. :) It's my last day of work and I've got another treat for lunch! I'm so happy that everyone makes time to attend my last lunch with them. I feel so blessed and loved. Sadly, I didn't manage to take any pictures. =/

I'm gonna miss every single one of them! I've learnt so much there including a tagalog sentence and some myanmar words. LOL. Phay lo ma! Phar gaung!! :P

I hope you don't understand what I'm talking about ;)

Sheila did gave me something though, from Singapore. I'm so happy! loves.

I'm sorry too =(

She gave me this rack! Ain't it cute??! xD

Shala gave me this cute magnet too to 'celebrate' haha I like it too. And what it said is so true!

It's now stuck on my bed coz my bed's made of metal. haha :D

Had a lil gathering too coz Summer just got back recently from Kuching. She's still cute as always. :DD

Sheau Hui and Summer. =]

And of course, some of my camwhoring with Amy xD

Ahhh how I love camwhoring. Sorry if my hair's a mess. I forgot to comb it. hahaha

Gonna be going to bandar to watch Despicable me tomorrow! WOHOOOOO!!!

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