August 18, 2010

A post from the library

Hey people!

I'm currently blogging from the library. Been here for a couple of days now trying to sort out the MIB presentation with my classmates. I think it's good that I sign in to a random class where I don't know anyone as this has been like testing me. As if seeing if I can cope with team working with random people or not. Haha

I realised that when a random group of people meet to discuss a project there's gonna be one person who will automatically take charge of the group and be the leader without you even noticing. I don't know if I'm the leader type but I'd gladly let someone have a shot at it anytime. :P


my view when I'm bored and lazing around in my room

view from my window.

Gosh I'm running out of pictures to take.

Oyeah, My Pop.C lens arrived! I haven't tried them though they looked a bit like Geo lens, except they are 15.5mm. Which is super big for a pair of lens! :D

I miss posting stuff bout makeup and beauty products. =(
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