August 21, 2010

Pop.C Light Lenses

Hey people!

Finally got home today to do a little update. As you guys know, my Pop.C lenses have arrived. They look similar to the Geo circle lenses. Like almost the same except that these are actually bigger in diameter. Oh well, it was worth it coz I made sure to order the colours that I've never tried from Geo before, violet and brown.

The other odd looking brown lens are from Dueba- Hazel which I bought for Shala.

I tried taking pictures of me wearing the lens but it was raining the whole afternoon today and the lighting is awful. I like natural lighting so... ah well, I did try to take some pictures though just for the fun of it. :P I'll just post them here so they don't go to waste. Hee..

There's also this keychain that Katty gave me. I chose the monkey one. It's really cute!

Haven't used them though as I have tons of other contact lens cases. =/

And Ain kindly lend me her Lush soaps to smell last night. Thanks Ain ;P haha... the scents are TOTALLY unexpected. It's like I expected this smell and BAM! in my face is this totally different smell. Lmao. I had fun smelling them. Hahaha I sound crazy but yeah, the ones that I 'smelled' are the rockstar soap and 13 soap (unlucky for dirt).

Hopefully I'll be able to get a sniff of other lush products before I possibly put an order on them in the future instead of purchasing them online blindly without knowing its scent.

13 soap (unlucky for dirt)

Anyways have you guys seen the Urban Decay's book of shadows Vol. III? My God, it's so gorgeous!! Me want it so badly! =(



Don't you just love it?!! :DD
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