January 30, 2010

What I do when I'm bored.

Hey people! A blink of an eye and the week is almost gone. Time sure flies. I hope I could fly too.

Haha Anyways I'm really bored today as it's a Saturday and I've got no plans whatsoever! I need to get a life, seriously. I slept through the afternoon though, and I vaguely remembered Sharon and mum coming in and I think my mum patted me. Hm... strange.

While I was at work during lunch time some time last week, I came across this picture from a chinese magazine and I have no idea who the heck she is until I saw this mole below her eyebrows. Stephanie Sun finally blossomed into a pretty lady! xD


After! Haha

I know this might not be a big deal to those who's really updated with the Chinese music industry but I'm really disconnected from it and so it's a big deal for me OK! Leave me alone! =.=

I ordered some Nyx pigments two weeks ago and they haven't arrive yet. Ughh wonder what's taking the shipping so long! These are the colours I ordered:

Walnut, turquoise, rust, penny and mocha.

Most of them are pretty dull I know, but that's cause dull colours like this are more wearable for me. Especially for work. You don't wanna look like a clown at work right? No, you don't. A bottle for only BND 3.50! Pretty cheap, huh? But I think the packaging is quite small so I guess that's reasonable.

I know I've mentioned to some people that I hate eyeshadows that have any shimmer or glitter to them. However now I just Love them! Yes, with a capital 'L'. Hahaha I think I hate it before coz it makes my eyes look smaller and also like a disco ball. With controlled application, I now believe that that can be avoided. Controlled application, hah.

Therefore, I ordered these too. xD

Crystal, blue, purple & gold. Yay to glitter!

I played with makeup again. Which I think is a good thing coz they're just sitting there waiting to be used and rather than throwing them out (as if I would), I used them! Doh. And I came up with this:

Uiseh. Got the lazy look in my eyes lagi. HAHAHA

Okay, I noticed that I always use the same style with my makeup. Lightest on the inner corner and darkest on the outer corner. I can't help it OK! My hands automatically made it that way! They're my eyes anyways so I can do anything I want right?!? (Why do I sound so mad?)

Here's some more pics that I took. Don't wanna waste them so Imma post em all up here!

At least got different angles what! :D

The last two pictures surprised me. Haha No big, just that my skin looks as if they're *ehem* flawless. HAHAHA xD I didn't edit them or anything! They just came out that way. I guess my camera loves me. =D

P.s.: Do not be fooled. This girl actually has really bad skin.

My lips.. ugh I need plastic surgery. =.="

1, 2, 3 ...4... 5. That's 4 too many pictures of me. Here, let me post some other pictures just to balance it out. :P


Pretty! But kinda creepy too...

I recently watched this movie called 'The lovely bones'. I didn't know anything about it until Ajim introduced it to me. I wish I could read the book too... the movie's pretty good and it made me cry. As usual. Hahaa The story's basically about this girl who was murdered by her neighbour and she's... Okay just go watch it.


Much Love, Shely


  1. skin food's nail polish are better? How much do they cost? I dont really like faceshop ones. ): And youre so good in makeup. really pretty (;

  2. I think only $4.60 each. Face shop ones are too sticky n thick... No im actually not good at it at all! I play2 only hahaha thanks though xDD



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