January 24, 2010

Another fun weekend

Hey people! Went to bandar again today as my sis convinced my dad to watch Jackie Chan's 'The spy next door' at the mall but Sharon had already watched it so I ended up watching 'Daybreakers' instead with her while Stephen and Shala accompanied dad to watch 'The spy next door'.


Okay I don't wanna give out any spoilers but this movie really creeps me out. After walking out of the cinema I feel like I can never look at a person normally anymore as who knows they might be a vampire and jump on me anytime. Hahaha... Three words to describe this move: Creepy, disturbing, interesting.

Even several hours after watching the movie, me and Sharon kept thinking about and analyzing what we watched. The storyline really raised a lot of questions... I don't wanna mention it here as who knows there might be those who hasn't watched it yet. :D

Sigh... guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD for this one!

I've watched New moon, but only halfway as I kinda fell asleep after that. It's so slow! I mean the movie progress really slowly... =/ I'll have to drink some coffee before watching that again the next time. xD

Oh and I had a lot of fun with Ain and Fatin too this weekend. :) I find it hard to keep up with their crazyness sometimes hahahaha :P nadabah...

Okay guess I'll go ahead and watch Princess and the frog now. FINALLY!!! =3

Much Love, Shely

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