January 20, 2010

Yeah ok.

Cute~! Found this from Deviantart. Credits to the artist. :)

I know I have been slacking. =3 I think it's coz I'm stuck in this 'cycle of life' thingy I have:

Okay I seriously cannot believe that I actually took the time to do this crappy nonsense!

My point is, 24hrs a day is not enough! Nothing's ever enough really... hm..

Oh yeah, I've ordered some NYX cosmetics online and guess what. I'm kinda regretting it hahaha Now all I wanna do is to plop on the bed and sleep like a log.

No, I'm so not a total boring loser! I still socialize. Speaking of socializing I wonder if Ain and Fatin can make it this sunday... *hint* hahaa ANYWAYS~ Let me just tell you what I've been up to nowadays:

1) Working. Doh.

2) Watching American Idol. Yippey! xD

3) Writing my personal statement for UCAS. T.T

4) Going to the Gym. I only like the treadmill. The rest is blah.

5) Trying to catch up with my friends. Note: Trying.

6) Watching New moon, 2012 (again), planet 51, Avatar and of course, Barbie and the three musketeers. hahaa :D

7) Talking about UK scholarships 24/7.

Omygoshhhh! It's 7.30 pm now and American Idol starts in 30 minutes!! Tata, sweeties!

Much Love, Shely

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