August 9, 2012

The Balm: Cabana Boy blush

I hate to admit it but I'm a sucker for cute makeup packaging. Even if the product is way out of my budget I'll wanna buy it if it's cute. Luckily for me The Balm products are not too pricey in any way plus they are super cute. Right up my alley haha! I especially like the retro drawings they put on their products much like Benefit's.

The Balm blusher in Cabana Boy
  The Balm blusher in Cabana Boy

I initially wanted to get the Hot Mama blush which is pretty popular among the other beauty bloggers because it is similar to Nars Orgasm blush and is way cheaper. I stood there for a good 5 mins just to decide which blush to get! haha the sales lady even walked off after a while because she got bored waiting! Not like it's a life or death matter but these things matter to me! haha So in the end I chose Cabana Boy because I know I will get more wear out of it. Hot Mama is too shimmery for an everyday blush for me. (Maybe next time lolol)

The Balm blusher in Cabana Boy
  The Balm blusher in Cabana Boy

Cabana Boy is a deep pink, almost berry color with specks of gold in it. The gold is hardly visible when you put the blush on. It's a really beautiful color and it gives a nice flush to your cheeks like you've been working out. lol The good thing about this blush is that it's deep enough to match skin tones ranging from both ends of the spectrum; from light to medium to dark. Plus it's not crazy shimmery like the Hot Mama blush so it's also better for you if you have dry skin because shimmery products tend to accentuate the dryness of the skin. 

Swatch of The Balm Cabana Boy blush

This was a pretty heavy swatch I did just to show you how the color looks like on the skin. This stuff is crazy pigmented! So remember, a little goes a long way! It is also buildable but I doubt that you'd wanna put on that much... unless you want to of course. No pressure lol All in all I'm really glad I picked this up! Definitely worth the money. The Cabana Boy blush retails for RM65 in Sasa.

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