August 13, 2012

Essence Kajal Pencil: Black & White

I'm always on the lookout for an all-round good eyeliner. There are so many options out there to choose from but I tend to go for blacks simply because I use black eyeliner almost every single time I do my makeup! It's a good staple item in my makeup collection and it's probably one of the things that I buy the most; apart from lip products lol

Essence Kajal pencil in Black and White

I picked these up a while back at Paloma for only a few dollars each. Essence is probably the cheapest makeup brand I could find here locally and I actually prefer this brand to Silkygirl. If you're a student on a budget, Essence will be perfect for you. Their products are pretty decent for the price you're paying and I think it's totally worth repurchasing some of their items!

Essence Kajal pencil in Black and White

I wouldn't say that these Kajal pencils have the longest staying power. They smudge after a few hours of wearing them so if you want maximum wear out of these I suggest setting them with a black/white eyeshadow. I haven't tried the other colors but both of these that I have are surprisingly creamy! But unfortunately, not creamy enough to glide on the waterline as smooth as I wish it had. Especially the white one ugh. I've been wanting to own a white eyeliner pencil for my waterline for a while now but I haven't found a good one yet! The ones that I currently own are not creamy enough and I don't wanna drag the liner on my eyes if you know what I mean.


If you are thinking of trying out new eyeliners, check these out at Paloma, The Mall. I believe these Kajal eyeliners apply smoother than their regular eyeliners. They are easy to blend out if you prefer the smudged look and if you're a guy who wanna try using an eyeliner but don't wanna spend too much on one, you might wanna pick this up. I'm so glad I invested in these, they are worth every dollar.

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