August 19, 2012

MUA Eyeshadow palette: Heaven and Earth

I used to be very adventurous with my eyeshadows. I remembered when I was working before entering uni I used to change up my eyeshadow colors everyday. One day it'll be blue and green, the next purple and pink. It's one hell of a roller-coaster ride with the eyeshadows haha but I've finally settled with mostly neutrals and browns with the occasional pop of color. It's only practical (for me at least lol) to wear neutrals because I use makeup quite a lot and browns are easy and quick to put on and people won't be as easily distracted when they're talking to me as they would if I wear crazy colors on my eyes. Am I right or am I right? lol

MUA eyeshadow palette in Heaven and Earth

 MUA eyeshadow palette in Heaven and Earth

This is one of MUA's palette with neutral colors. They have another which is basically dupes for the Naked palette and that one's called the Undressed palette. Believe it or not these only costs GBP4! That's less than B$10 and you get 12 shades of eyeshadows. It's probably the best deal for an eyeshadow palette apart from the coastal scents ones.
 MUA eyeshadow palette in Heaven and Earth

The only issue I have with these is that there aren't any matte shades in this palette. Most of the eyeshadows are either shimmery or has fine specks of silver glitter in them, which is fine if you don't mind them but I personally love my mattes. Considering they're only GBP4, I really couldn't complain because even without any matte shades, they still work very well!

Swatches - Top row

Swatches - Bottom row

I'm surprised they didn't put any black eyeshadow in this palette but that's fine with me because I hardly ever use black. The darkest shade here is a deep red-brown and it complements the other colors very well! I also noticed that the lighter eyeshadows along with the golds tend to be the creamiest. 

Also, did you notice how some eyeshadows tend to crumble when you dip your brush in the shade? The excess eyeshadow will just fly everywhere all over the palette and it's always a hassle to clean up. Well you won't have any of that problem with this palette. They hold up really well and rest assured, has a minimal amount of crumbling. Again, considering what you paid for! 

Me wearing shades from the Heaven and Earth palette

The Heaven and Earth palette is perfect for everyday use and I really recommend it if you're looking for something that you can use all week or even a whole month with only that one palette. There's enough variety of colors for day time makeup as well as darker colors for transitioning it into a night time look. The compact casing is also good for travel!

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