August 4, 2012

FOTDs + Sock bun!

So I have these pictures of myself laying around in my picture folder (surprise,surprise) and I have no use for them so I'll just share these with you guys! Believe it or not I take pictures of myself almost every time I do my makeup just in case I need it for another FOTD post, much like this one lol Most of the time they are almost the same I feel like, but I can't help it hahah


This is the type of makeup I wear the most. It's easy and quick and at most I put on 2 different eye shadows.  Sometimes 1. I like to put on a soft lip color to complete the look and make it seem 'effortless'. Also I love my new grey contacts!! Got them for only B$20 at Bright World Optics.



I decided to play up my eye makeup with glitters in this second look and then pairing it with a mauve lipstick so that the main focus of the look is on the eyes. I sound like I knew what I'm saying but I really don't haha Anyway I quite like this! Glitters are purrdy things.



Didn't do much here, just trying out Fashionista804's technique of accentuating the crease with a darker brown shadow. I have pretty puffy eyes so it might be useful for me to learn this! Also, my hair is up in a bun! The sock bun, to be precise!

This is an easy hairstyle to learn and I learnt this from youtube. I bet there are tons of tutorials there on how to create the sock bun for long/short hair. I used this tool for longer hair because well, I have long hair hah It worked out pretty well and stayed looking like that for the entire day! I'm always looking for new hairstyles to do because I get bored of my straight dull hair all the time so these hairstyles are a good way of spicing up not only your hair but your entire look every once in a while! This may be what you do with your hair everyday but I really don't put up my hair very often at all!

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