August 23, 2012

Books: Entwined + Pretties

Been doing a lot of beauty posts lately so I figured I could share with you guys my thoughts on a couple of books that I've recently bought and read! I go through phases where I'll be really into books and I'll drop whatever I'm doing and just read and read the whole day. Then I'll go back to my usual routine for a few months just to jump right back into it again. It's always either books or youtube. lol

 Entwined by Heather Dixon

I bought this a few weeks back along with Pretties by Scott Westerfeld from a visit to Best Eastern. I almost squealed when I saw this! Been wanting to read it ever since Elle from Allthatglitters21 on youtube mentioned it briefly in one of her book hauls. I bought quite a few of the books she recommended mainly because most of them are good!

Entwined is inspired by the classical story '12 dancing princesses' and the majority of the storyline follows the fairytale less some of the other parts. I read this book not knowing what to expect and it surprises me that the author would include magical objects in the storyline like the magical sugar tongs which hops around and also the big clock.

Azalea, the eldest of the 12 sisters found a secret entrance to a place where she and her sisters can dance every night without the King knowing. So this place is guarded by this enchanting vampire-like person called the Keeper. It's understandable that Azalea would be attracted to the Keeper. I mean, this story is set in what, the 17th century?? In that era, Azalea's bound to fall in love with anyone who came in contact with her! lol I don't wanna give away any spoilers but long story short, there's something really wrong with the Keeper and soon enough Azalea started to find out stuff about him...

Give this a read if you're interested in stories like this. I'd give this a 7/10. It's kinda fun creating faces for the characters in your head! lol 

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

This is the second installment of the Uglies series. Pretties picked up where the first book left off, where Tally agreed to be turned pretty so that the people from the Smokes can use her to test out the medicine which cures pretties. Apparently when you've been turned pretty, doctors mess with your brain too making you dumb and kinda stupid. To keep the peace.

Anyway I'm kinda disappointed the author didn't do much to describe the new pretty Tally. All I know is that after the surgery, Tally was given silver colored eyes and that's it. She's taller too but that doesn't really help with the visualization of this new and improved Tally. haha maybe I'm too fussy but given that Tally is the main character in this book, I really think they should've describe her more than they did. I'm also surprised to learn that the majority of this book is focused in New Pretty Town. I thought David, her first lover would save her from that place. 

I'm looking forward to reading the third installment, Specials. Because Tally is gonna go under the knife again! But this time she's gonna look animalistic. Like a cat, or a leopard. Specials have more built to them and are stronger and faster than any of the other types of people so I'm kinda excited to see what this new (again) Tally can do! As for Shay, she can GTH. lol I don't really care for her character to be honest.

I like this better than the first book, Uglies! A solid 7.5/10!


  1. reading books is the things i really want to do right now but i can't do. well i think, i need to set aside watching movies to accomplish this thing.

    i believe that it's very beneficial to read books. when i'm done with my book. i'll try to see the titles that you suggested.

    more power to all book lovers!

  2. @hitokitihoshi I agree with you. Reading takes up a lot of time but it's totally worth it haha I love indulging myself in books because the authors are so very creative in creating a whole other world with so many things going on with the characters in the book. It's addictive!

    Thanks, I hope you enjoy reading the titles! :)



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