March 5, 2011

Industrial piercing, Cherrie Berries, Food and Shopping!

Hey people!

This is gonna be a very long post with lots of camwhoring pics, as you would've guessed from the title itself. Muahahaha Anyways, I was lucky enough to be following Sharon and her awesome friend Yus (who mentioned to me that she read my blog! Eeeeee!!!) to spend a night in Miri.

Guess which hotel is this...

We reached there in the late evening and decided to grab some dinner at Secret recipes before hitting Cherrie Berries.

Women on a mission. Ehem...food hunting.

Waiting for dinner. Cannot waste any time so must take the chance to vain for a bit :D

Spaghetti meatballs and Ice green tea! (Which tastes like dishwasher...) And they have super expensive taxes! Rm10 fml

Pretty chandeliers~

Then went back to hotel to...

Camwhore somemore. Nyahahaha!!

Sharon asking me to pose. omfg where are my fingers?!

Wore an off-the-shoulder long sleeved tee that night.

Must make eye black black like raccoon. If not, cannot go out.

Cherrie Berries is awesome. Not a big fan of the smoke though. I didn't get to take any pictures coz I went there to have fun and dance the night off (Eseh... we left pretty early fml) Funny story actually, it was the first time I've set foot in a pub. I really have to give it up to the entertainers/singers though, they're quite good! If you're a kid, you need Spongebob to entertain you. If you're an adult, you need all types of alcohol and perhaps a few semi-naked people shaking their ass in front of you.

The next morning. Having breakfast with Sharon. Oh yeah, we stayed at Imperial Hotel fyi. I look so... un-makeup-ed.

Last shot before going out to Parkson with the girls!

Breakfast at uh... Mary Browns. That swing is a cool touch to the restaurant. :)

Yum. I love the salad!

Brunch at this donut place in Parkson. Big Apple Donuts and Coffee I think.

Got this btw:

I love it!! My new industrial piercing. FINALLY!!

I got it for RM65 at this Jewelry store in Parkson. Forgot the name of it but the person who did the piercing was pretty cool and 'sweet' as I've been told by Yus. Hehe but overall, it ain't painful in comparison to... I have no idea. It's definitely tolerable pain, I'd say. I'd give it a 2/10. Burning your hands accidentally with a curling iron is more painful and I speak from experience. -____-

Some of my hauls. They are having clearance sale or something. Crazy ass cheap!! Most of the stuff I got for RM12/RM8 each! Used to be like RM40+,RM50+ and above! And the brush cleanser is Buy 1 get 1 free. How can don't buy?!

Lipsticks in Lavender Love and Blooming Bud

Stage eye primer in the shade Vanilla and Almond

In2It quad in Tropicana and Mousse

Love the necklace from Parkson and Top from Reject shop!

Lemme just show this off one last time:
Arrgh I fucking love it! My dad looked at me when he saw it and said, "What's the point when your hair's gonna cover it up anyway?" I hate it when he's right. *&^%%$$#$%^
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