March 20, 2011

Project 10 Pan!

Hey guys!

I wonder if you've heard of Project 10 Pan on youtube? It's basically where you picked out 10 makeup items and try to finish/hit pan on them before you are allowed to go out and buy any more makeup. Before this, I wasn't really interested but I think Imma do it now coz it's fun (?) and I can save money!

I'm not a patient person so hopefully I can see this through. I've heard some people taking up to 6 months or more to complete this project 10 pan! Crazy!!

1) Revlon Super lustrous lipstick in Pink in the afternoon

2) Nivea lip balm in Velvet rose

3) L'oreal 6Hr Glam shine lip gloss in Forever Pink

4) Urban Decay Primer Potion

5) Maybelline Volume Express Mascara

6) Silkygirl eyeshadow in Flushed Maple

7) Silkygirl eyeshadow in Smokey Spark

8) Revlon colorstay eyeliner in Black

9) TBS Born lippy lip balm in Satsuma Shimmer

Okay I'm one shy of 10. But I think that's more than enough lah. heh Actually I cheated a lil coz there are stuff here which had hit pan.

Example. I loved this lip balm but I stopped using it for whatever reason.

Amount of product left on Revlon lipstick and Nivea lip balm.

So... guess I shouldn't be buying any more makeup starting now. :'( Please don't slap me if you see me wearing these same colors to school everyday wtf

Btw, some photos from yesterday:


Stephen and dad

Herbal steamed chicken with longevity noodles

Something with rice. doh

That's cheese if you're wondering.

Cute strawberry milk shake! I didn't know strawberry milk shake can actually look cute hahah

Last shot of me I swear!
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  1. Weee, that looks fun! I'm not sure if I can do that as well, I never hit pan on my eyeshadows especially. hehe, Anyways, goodluck! ;)

  2. haha does it!? maybe u can try also :P thanks!!

  3. I never hit pan on my eyeshadows too!! It's pretty impossible for me. lol. I can do foundations, concealers, lip balm... mascara.. well yeah. Tell me how your project goes after! :)

  4. I've actually hit pan on only 1 shadow so far since I started playing with makeup! haha alright this is gonna be a torturous task! :P



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