March 16, 2011

Books: I am number four & My last duchess

Hey people!

I'm currently typing this post up from the reading room of the Female Hostel. The weeks ahead are darkkk. I foresee headaches, lighting up the midnight oil and cramming! We've got 2 videos to make, and one event to organize for the upcoming earth day. FML


I finished this book this monday and it is awesomeee. Funnily enough, the movie is the one which makes the book popular. Haha I have the sales assistant telling me in the shop that a lot of people are picking this book up when I was hesitating. I don't normally go for these type of books but I thought "What the heck, I could use some alien stuff in my life right now."

I haven't seen the movie in the theaters though and I heard it's good. Wonder how the enemies look like. In my mind they look like dementors from HP. But with faces. hahah

The final part made me cryyyyyy. As usual.


This book I got coz I'm a sucker for the 1700-1800 ages. I like how the women of that time have to live a certain way and never conduct any bad behaviours and how the men flirt with the women and asks the women's hand in marriage two weeks later. So very entertaining haha

I read this book right after I finished with I am number four and it's so hard to adjust to the English used in the latter book. It's from 'They are coming after me.' to 'The baronet speaks with such irony Ivo could have sworn he heard the snickering of the ladies." Okay I just made the sentences up but you know what I mean.

Basically this book talks about this woman's life from before she got married to after and how her life progressed.

Okay fine. I cried when I read this too wtf

The reading room

Me and Cass :D

She said she looked nicer in this pic. heheehehe

I think I look nicer here. HAHA must fair what!?!!
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