March 27, 2011

One meaningful trip to Miri

Hey people!

I'm actually sitting on the floor in my living room right now with a slight fever, sore throat and a cold. Though I'm sick, I still find time to blog. I'm so dedicated. *pats self on the back* hahaaah

Let's just jump straight in! I went to Miri yesterday with James and Sharon. Yes, yes, I just can't help being the third wheel. I love it. Fortunately for me, a fourth wheel tagged along, my brother Stephen.

Stephen, Mom me and Sharon

I can't believe I look exactly the same as the shot above. I'm the statue and they're the eager tourists. HAHA

OOTD. Feeling conservative that day. Eseh.

James sucked at hide and seek wtf

Lunch! Grilled chicken something something

Fish something something

Random: A book I just finished reading. Not really a big fan coz it speaks from a man's viewpoint and he's a psychologist or something, which makes me shudder everytime he observed something on another individual, particularly a woman. =/

Just got these in Miri. I realised that books there are generally BND5 cheaper than books in Best Eastern.

Cute necklace I got from Parkson. I just love this little Jewelry section where they have all sorts of cute little stuff! I want a closet like that!! Plus this only costs me RM24 and I think something like this is about BND20 in EGO.

Ever since I went on this project 10 pan, I noticed that I avoided cosmetics shop and bought more of other stuff instead. I guess it doesn't stop me from spending money. fail! haha on the plus side, I now have more clothes and books! :DD

Random: When boredom strikes in hostel

I shall end this post with my favourite recent picture:

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

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