March 13, 2011

A peek at my Sunday

Hey guys.

After a cup of Ooloong Waffle Crisp Blizzard with extra banana, I'm back to rock your world. Eseh As if!! Hahaha Oh well, I hate going back to my blog every time and seeing the same post at the top I just gotta post something new!

Yesterday I had a little chat (more like a lil whispering) with my dear fellow blogger Jesmine in class about The Face Shop, Body Shop and Skin Food. Apparently Skin Food also had this stamp thingy going on much like the Body Shop? Except it's only available in Miri I think...

So of course I got all excited about going to TFS to renew my membership card after hearing so much fun (freebieeessss!!) stuff about em so I asked my dad when he came to fetch from the hostel, "Dad, are you going to the Body Shop later?" (Asked casually as if he went there all the time wtf) He then goes on to give me 'the look' but brought me to The Mall anyway nyahahaha

Shopped for 2 hours but ended up getting nothing from TFS and TBS coz nothing caught my eye fml

I think it's coz I just realised I was never really interested in TFS's main products before. I only like their nail polishes and masks. So I left empty handed. =P Ah well, maybe this August I'll get to renew then tehee I then marched into TBS with high hopes coz I planned to get their latest Spring Limited Edition makeup:
Skali... not jadi coz it's BND39.90. fml why so expensive?! Plus it's the middle of the month when people's wallet is extremely thin!!

So... walked out of there with head hung low.

I did get a few other things though.

I am number four and My last duchess!

A page from I am number four. Jim just told me this book is actually the starting of a series of like.. five other books?! Really have to start filling up that piggy bank of mine which has gotta be somewhere in this room..... hm...

A stepometer which count the number of steps, KM jogged and calories burnt! It just looked so fun I gotta have it hahaha wtf

Mirror sticker for my phone! I'm so glad I invested in this coz I was constantly borrowing my friends' mirrors and reflective hp screens to admire (ehem) myself and figured that I really needed my own. I think I got it for BND6. Trust me, mirror very important!!

Bookmark made by Sharon for me! :D

Oh yeah, these are my nails.

I can already hear you thinking "EW GROSS MOTHERFUCKING NAILS DISGUSTING SHIT FHL!!" lolol

After. Sadly, it still looks ugly. The color combination is totally off. But I'm too lazy to change it so this is what you'll see me wearing on my nails for at least another week. Sucks to be you eh? haahah

Here's a pretty cup

Here's me drinking from a pretty cup

They're actually candles.

Another one of the books I got recently. Bought it coz the cover caught my eye. I sometimes judge books by their covers.

View from my room at the hostel

View from my room at home. I like this one better :D

Some random stuff I found in the living room. Haha I don't even know where they came from!

My bro Stephen against the world

My daily routine, watching youtube videos. I love Jarmaine! She's so cute!

One of the things Shala's going to get me for my birthday. She actually let me pick the stuff I want! I know it's still too early but I'm so excited for this :D Please ship it to me FOC as well yeah... Heheheheehe

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about Japan's Tsunami. I'm glad that there are not many casualties so far seeing that this Tsunami is unexpected. It just proves how well they built their infrastructures and how well the people knew what to do and whatnot when an earthquake or Tsunami strikes. I heard there will be more stuff going on this year when the moon is nearest to the earth? Brace yourselves people.
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  1. Yeah, couldn't agree more, the price tag for the quad are super mahal =O so sad about that

  2. yeah at first I thought it's bnd32.90 wanted to buy already then checked again rupanya 39.90. Makes all the difference in the world lolol



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