February 27, 2011

Letting go on a Sunday

Hey people!

It's been a while since I last blogged. Properly. Haha Life as a UBD student ain't exactly a walk in the park. I know I have no one to blame but myself coz I signed up for this! (Literally) I'm actually feeling quite confused as I'm typing this because there's a lot on my mind and I'm still trying to figure out you know... stuffs.

I did, however, went to The mall with Sharon and my camera-shy cousin today! Yes, we spent a whole day at the mall and came straight back home. (Right after stopping at HuaHo Tutong for Jolibee, of course.)

We even saw this booth at the mall with a guy wearing leopard print overalls with the wallpaper behind him reading 'Strongest Man On Earth'. I think he pulled how many trucks or something with his hair... or something and broke a world record. I think. There's a video of him on a projector and people are just gathering around the booth watching... him.


Anyways I'm not interested enough to even snap a picture of the booth so...

Here's my OFTD:

Regular ruffle top with leather straps and regular 3-quarter pants. I love the jacket, wear it all the time. :D I dressed according to the weather...

FOTD. I'm wearing the Body Shop's limited edition shadows on my eyes. I love love love the colors! Pink, Emerald green and dark Purple. Haha weird combination.

Me and Sharon again lolol I did a fishtail braid! It's super easy, learned it off youtube because youtube is awesome.

I was looking for a new bag coz the one that I'm currently using is just sad-looking. Found a couple of decent ones and finally settled with Summit's.

Chosed grey coz the I asked the salesgirl whether I should get the grey or black and she told me black bags are overrated. So grey it is!

I love it! It's BND65.90 but I got 20% off using a voucher.

Got this awesome pumps as well for BND10! So cute and spring-like! Spring is coming so it's perfect. Haha not that we're subjected to seasons but whatever.

How I looked like when I got home. -____- My eyebags are so heavy I've even got strangers coming up to me asking whether I've slept at all fml Blame it on the alcohol... hahaha yeah right. Well, I did sorta slept at 5.30am last night... teehee
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  1. Lonely as a cloud

    What shall we sing, my friends?
    In what shall we rejoice?
    There alone our song lives,
    Where our ancestors were born.
    On Earth, where they lived...
    I suffer here on Earth...
    He who gives life conceals




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