February 12, 2011

Summit heels!

Hey guys!

I feel so hyper right now. It's Saturday night (almost Sunday since it's like 11.30pm) and I'm here in my bedroom at home and I love it! What I really like is how clean this room is every time I reach home. Thank you, fairy godmother. lol I always remember it being a mess before I head out to UBD every week. :P

Sharon and James fetched me from the hostel today. Yes, I'm becoming the third wheel again fml but I have to admit, I really enjoy hanging out with them coz they are so easygoing Teehee (shameless)


With Sharon! Taking each other's pic =P

Everyone tells me that she looks way younger than me wtf


We actually snapped so much pictures just sitting there before touching our food till the KFC staff started staring at us. -___-

Oh yeah, totally forgot about the title of this post. (Not really, just wanna build up the suspense wtf) haha I walked past Summit and stopped dead in my tracks. There's a small section of shoes where they put up a sign that says: 50% discount. I rubbed my eyes. It still says 50% discount. Then I walk in. Nuff said.

I was pleasantly surprised because Summit mostly only give 20% discount and even those footwear are like... ugly. Haha But this time many of the heels actually looked pretty good! The sales assistant told me it's coz they're trying to clear out the old stock to make way for the new ones so they're reducing the price by half! I'm not really the type to keep up with trends and get the 'new' season's anything so why the hell not? :D

Okay lemme get this straight first. Every time I shopped at The Mall, I almost never miss going to Summit just coz I love looking at pretty stuff (Which girl doesn't??!) but I never bought anything from there coz very pricey leh! I mean, BND60 for a pair of heels introduced and made in Malaysia(I think)? Uh... No thanks.

So I got these:

Trying one of em on...

I'm impressed! All 3 pairs cost less than BND80! So each pair is like BND20+. Awesome or what??! And well, I think I was wrong too. The quality of these heels is pretty good though I'd still prefer Charles & Keith. But who knows, I might just buy more of Summit's. After all it's a tad cheaper than C & K's!

So the above is the most exciting news I've got this week. And tomorrow morning I'm going to the airport to send a friend off. =(

P.s.: My mom gave me 'that look' when I told her I bought 3 pair of heels. Apparently she wasn't impressed that they're super cheap. Oh well.

Btw, this is how I look like this second when I'm typing this blog post:

Have an awesome weekend, people!
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  1. OMG! I love you heels! and all that cost just below BND$80? That is soo cool! >.< Wonder if their sales is still up?


  2. Yess i love them too!! I'm not really sure though, but it's better if you could go and check them out asap before they're gone! :D



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