February 10, 2011

Blog statistics :O

Hey people!

I was just on my blog's dashboard when I saw the word 'stats'. Basically it tells you about who your viewers are and how many do you have which came from country A, B, C,... It's really fun finding out where the majority of your viewership are from and how many views you have on your top 10 blog posts.

If you've been reading my blog, you'll notice that I have put up a 'Most Popular Posts' on the right column. The first one on the list apparently has the most view count. Here's a breakdown:

1) Glitter in my veins.


2) Clutch bags, heels and squeels!


3) Hot people rock.


4) Tongue piercing


I have no idea what's so special about 'Glitter in my veins.'

And here's a breakdown on where my viewers came from:

1) United States


2) Brunei Darussalam


3) United Kingdom


I actually have a lot of stuff to do but I avoided doing them today by giving myself a valid excuse: It is time... To blog. Haha seriously, there's no better excuse I could have given myself.
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