February 14, 2011

First visit to Kukuba!

Hey people!

Yesterday was a really fun day for me coz I finally went to Kukuba! It's this 'spa' kinda place in KB town which opened a few years back that I never got to go. I gotta say... I feel so stoopid for not going there all this while because it's so awesome and fun! Especially the Jelly feet scrub haha

I did:
Manicure + Pedicure + Jelly Feet scrub for BND31
Full face threading for BND13

I initially planned to wax my face coz I was curious but the lady told me I should just thread it coz she didn't see much 'hair' on my face and that they were really really fine hairs she's like 'Huh? U wanna thread your face??' lmao The look on her face was so funny but I guess I was really conscious about them? Who knows.

Outfit of the day

FOTD. I didn't feel like doing much.

Before Kukuba, Me and the girls went to Marilyn for lunch!

Nom nom nom

Potato and Chicken salad. Simple but very awesome.

Soaking my feet.

The Jelly stuff. Feels so good :D

Lady working on my jumbo feet fml

Before (please don't judge =P)

After! So nice!! I'm wearing OPI's Heart throb.

And OPI's That's Hot! Pink on my feet.

Overall I'll definitely revisit Kukuba and maybe try out other stuff. Even single girls have to be pampered what... :P

Before heading out to my cousin's. Camwhoring is so much fun when you own a legit camera. lol And my legs look so short fml

Happy Valentine's day!
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