November 5, 2012

Sharon's birthday weekend (Day 2)

Here's what went down on day 2 of that weekend! By the second day we have basically ran out of things to do (surprise, surprise) so we left for home in the afternoon. But not before a quick swim and some scurrying around The Times Square area!

Trying to keep our eyes open, it was really bright outside! Anyways, we woke up super early at 7am to dominate the pool at the hotel. Luckily it was just us and thank God it was shaded! The water was freezing though.

Just puttin' mah shoes on..

 Taking advantage of the extremely good lighting in the room!

A shot of the four of us siblings I put up on Instagram!

 Shala, Sharon and me

 I'm wearing my new horse printed top! I love it! Still can't believe it's a size S from F21.

 Having our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. The food is magnificent! I always have a love-hate relationship with buffets. Wanted to try everything but don't have enough stomach capacity lol

 This is only a small selection of the food they have! It's crazy.

 Sharon and her birthday cake from Lof!

Went out to Airport Mall coz the siblings have never been to D'Brandon clothing store. How can??! But they were closed when we got there, talk about no fate.

The place was pretty deserted so we used the massage chairs! This is the first time I've tried it even though I've seen it around everywhere in shopping malls lately and it's pretty good! 

 After walking around aimlessly we decided to go for some sushi snacking. I don't know what we're trying to achieve here because truthfully we were still pretty full from the heavy breakfast!

 Shala imitating my brother's habit of pushing his glasses up his nose-bridge!

We couldn't think of anything else to do after that so ended up Karaoke-ing! 

 So that pretty much sums up our weekend! Though it's not much I still enjoyed it because I honestly can't remember the last time the four of us siblings actually went out together. It's been that long. Sometimes we just get caught up in our own lives we tend to forget about the people in the next room, you know!


  1. lolll love these pics! When all else fails....karaoke;)!

  2. i remember when me and my siblings hang out and play. i envy you.

  3. Wow!!! Great place!!!!! Love these pics!!!

  4. Great photos, looks like you had fun! love the horse blouse!



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