November 1, 2012

Sharon's birthday weekend (Day 1)

I am finally blogging again! I think it was less than a week from when I last posted but it feels like forever! Anyways, it was my sister Sharon's birthday the other day and we siblings and James decided to do something different this year so we rented a couple of rooms at Orchid Garden Hotel! This is a picture heavy post so please bear with me!


The gorgeous view from our room

 We actually saw at least a hundred of people running by the roadside the next day!


 Count on us to mess up the room one hour after check-in! lol

One of Sharon's birthday gift!

Me and my beautiful sister Sharon
 Went out for lunch at Hot Point

 After our drinks came we realized that they all have lemons in them! haha

 Breakfast set for lunch

 My all time fav Caesar salad!

 Spaghetti Meatballs. This is super gooood.

 Beef Rendang with rice


Deep fried chix

Shala, Sharon and James

After that we decided to catch a movie! Please don't mind me, I don't know exactly what I'm trying to do kissing Thor's hair lol!

We waited at the entrance of theater 1-4 before realizing that the movie we're watching is showing at theater 5. Dafuq. 

Watched Taken 2 and I really like Liam Neeson as an actor! However I think they really could do much better with the plot of the movie and some parts just had me laughing because it doesn't make any sense.

 I have yet to watch this!

Spent the whole day out shopping and came back with some snacks to occupy us for the night. I still can't believe we manage to spend the whole day out in Bandar lol

 Played some games and here's a shot of us looking silly!

Out of the blue, Shala bought a Macbook Pro.

 My purchase of the day! I've never own any floral printed jeans so I went ahead and got them!

Couldn't resist getting this top. It's hi-low and has horses printed on them!

That's all for Day 1 of our weekend getaway! It was the best fun I had in a long time. I love hanging out with my siblings because obviously I am most comfortable around them and I can act like a dork all day and they wouldn't care less! haha!


  1. hehe. I like your birthday hats. And that horse shirt is really cute. Not to mention that delicious food!

  2. Nice pics!!! Love your new pants!!!

  3. Looks like lots of fun and yummy food!!

  4. looks like a blast. love those foods. makes me hungry ;-(

  5. Would u like to follow each other?
    Very nice pic, Love you blog xx

    1. Hi there, that would be great. I'm following you now! x



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