November 18, 2012

A couple of OOTDs

Been going out quite a lot this week but only managed to take two OOTDs because I'm lazy like that. Ughhh Anyway, I accompanied my mom to Kathy hair salon in Manggis yesterday and Kathy suggested I do something different with my hair and she showed me this pic of a girl with really awesome wavy long hair. She said it's gonna take almost next to nothing to maintain those gorgeous waves. All I need is one hair product and I wouldn't even need to blow dry it with a diffuser or anything. I was almost convinced that I NEEDED that hair perm until she mentioned in passing it's gonna cost $288. Yikes.

 On to the outfits!

 I posted this outfit on my instagram!



 Wore this to the movies today:

My top is from iTop and bottoms is from Winmark for only B$12!
 Decided to bust out my red lipstick once again because I love Taylor Swift wtf

We watched Skyfall and it was great! I really love the visuals they did during the opening of the movie where they played Adele's Skyfall. I feel like those are the things people see when they are high on drugs or perhaps, psychedelic drugs. It's so mesmerizing I couldn't tear my eyes off the screen even for one sec. Maybe I'm over reacting but I totally loved it! As for the movie plot it's not too bad, although the villain's appearance seemed kinda off to me. I think it's his blond hair. It doesn't match any part of his features!

 It's interesting the movie focuses on M's story instead of James Bond himself. 8/10 from me! I feel like I'm the last person to watch this because the movie has been out for weeks now but if you haven't watch it yet, go naoooo!


  1. Cute outfits! I would love to have long wavy hair to!

    Sita xx

  2. Great outfits! Ugh, I want to see Skyfall!

  3. good product you are wearing, nice post

    ice cream

  4. i love that red lipstick on you, shelly. skyfall focused more on M. not on james bond's skyfall hometown. but m's his last family i think, so the story's more on trust

    1. Thank you. :) Yeah, too bad bout the ending..

  5. Cool rubber shoes and I so love your lippie. Love that red lippies of your. You look so sexy and daring. What are you using?

  6. Great looks! love your shorts on the first ootd.
    You're inspiring. I'm your newest follower! :)
    Hope you could visit my blog sometime too.

  7. I love your FCUK shirt!<3 You look lovely in each of the photos. I haven't watch Skyfall although I heard great reviews of it!

    Have a nice day dear!




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