September 10, 2012

The Balm Nude'tude palette

So I've been meaning to write up a blog post on The Balm's Nude'tude palette which I bought a few months ago in Miri and with any eyeshadow palette, I like to test it out and do different looks with the palette before eventually reviewing it. However I find that hard to do with The Balm's Nude'tude because as much as I wanted to, I hardly ever reach for this palette! Which really surprises me because I thought I'd go crazy with their neutral shades!

The Balm Nude'tude palette

The Balm Nude'tude palette

The palette comes in a sleek cardboard box which is very compact and travel-friendly. It's also thin in comparison to Urban Decay's Naked palette. Also, like the Naked palette the Nude'tude comes with 12 beautiful shades of neutrals and browns. It is however fairly cheaper than the Urban Decay Naked palette.
  The Balm Nude'tude palette

This palette is great for everyday use because they are mostly browns. The eye shadows are also highly pigmented and are very easy to blend! However I find that the shades in this palette are less versatile than the Naked palette. For instance, the eye shadow Sultry and Seductive are pretty similar except Sultry is matte and Seductive is shimmery. Even though there are 12 shades in the Nude'tude just like the Naked palette, I am less inspired by the colors in Nude'tude than I am when I'm using the Naked palette which is very sad because I really thought I'd get a lot of use out of this palette!

Here are two looks I did using The Balm Nude'tude palette:




Pardon my red eye

 Anyways, if you are a student just starting out with makeup I'd recommend this palette over the Naked palette because The Balm's Nude'tude is way cheaper and they are more easily accessible. I don't know if I am just biased or what because in all honesty I did own the Naked palette first and have been more familiar with that particular palette than I did the Nude'tude. But you have to admit the quality is there, The Balm's eye shadows are just as good as any other high-end eye shadows I have ever tried. For example, I am obsessed with the shade Insane Jane from their Shady Lady Vol.2 palette! I've even stopped using it so much because I hit pan on it and I'm trying to save it!

I hope you guys won't mind me comparing The Balm Nude'tude palette with the Naked. After all I believe Nude'tude only came out after the Naked palette soared in popularity among the beauty community both online and offline! The Balm Nude'tude palette retails for RM115 in Sasa.


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  6. love the make up u did. what lipstick did u use?

    1. I'm using Revlon's Protective lip tint in Rosy Rose :)



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