September 13, 2012

MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze

This is probably the one product from MAC that I use the most! Enough to put a dent on it. Gahh if only products never ran out or expire, how awesome would that be! 

MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze

MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze

I particularly like to use this on the outer sides of my face especially on my temples and jawline after applying my foundation. Then I'd apply a regular setting powder like the Skin79 Hot Pink Sun Protect BB Pact (what a mouthful) on the center of my face to give the illusion of a smaller face. The beauty of learning from youtube gurus lol I don't know if it really really works but it does make me feel better somehow! haha

MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze

 The MAC Bronzing Powder comes in a black compact case less the clear plastic cap that comes in most of MAC's products. I don't know if I like it this way better? Coz it's easier to see what the product looks like with the plastic caps. The powder itself is a warm brown suitable for lighter to medium skin tones and have very fine silver sparkles to them which you can't really see once you applied it on your face.

MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze swatched

The swatch above is applied with a heavy hand so that you guys can see how it looks like on the skin. I normally use a tapered face brush to apply this and it's pretty sheer so you don' have to worry about leaving blotches of dark powder on your face lol Unfortunately I have since gotten at least 2 shades darker after spending a few hours under the sun so I might as well use this as a setting powder haha.. Check this out if you're looking into trying out bronzers. The MAC Bronzing Powder retails for GBP19.

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