September 25, 2012

My thoughts on Incubation + food shots

I'm back at the hostel again today and I'm currently at the resource room blogging 'like nobody's business' as Kenny would say it. So, what's new with you guys? I noticed that someone had installed telephone line cables in our dorm rooms. Let's just hope we'll be able to connect to the world in the comfort of our own rooms soon!

If you don't already know, I'm in my third year of study in UBD and I took Incubation as my Discovery Year activity because apparently we are not allowed to take up any courses this semester for whatever reason. At first I really had no idea what Incubation is all about but I chose that instead of COP (Community Outreach Programme) because I honestly don't know how to talk with people and help them in the way COP wants us to. So in the end, there's basically no any other activity that I can choose from apart from Incubation.

What we're doing this semester for Incubation is, in a word, interesting. Since we are only in the middle of the semester right now I can only tell you guys what we've been up to so far. Each of us had to come up with an original business idea and present it to the class and construct a business plan for it. The bunch of us had also attended a few talks and activities organized by iCentre. I think Incubation is perfect for those students who are really keen on being an entrepreneur one day. Starting your own business and the sorts, if you know what I mean. If you have no plans on being your own boss and plans to someday work for some major organization for the rest of your life (There's nothing wrong with that!) then you might as well take up COP. 

 Anyhow, even though I am only halfway through Incubation, I have learnt a lot from the activities we participated especially those from iCentre. The mentors from the bootcamp and the people who gave us talks are ridiculously good at what they are doing and are really insightful. It's interesting just watching them talk and speak their mind. I don't know if I am inspired enough by them to actually consider opening up a business someday but for now I know for sure that I want to graduate first and foremost before I plunge into anything else. And that's enough for me! For now. 

 I guess that's all I have to say about Incubation in UBD. To compensate with the heavy writing in this blog post, here are some shots taken during a lunch session with the fam at Charcoal!

Sharon, Mom, me and Shala

Shala and Stephen

 Sharon and baby Jazelle!

Complementary chips

 Onion rings

 Not impressed with the prices of these drinks.

Lamb chop

Don't know what is this but it's good!

 Linguine Carbonara with Spicy Mussels
Some pizza. lol

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