March 16, 2012

Swisspers Cleansing Eye Make-up Remover Pads

I just love strolling around Paloma looking for any cool stuff they sell there. Especially since most of the brands they are selling there is foreign it keeps me interested in going back to see what else they've got. I stumbled upon this make-up remover pad when I walked past one of their aisle and decided to get them. After using them for a while now I thought it was worth mentioning to you guys!

Swisspers Cleansing Eye Make-up Remover Pads

The cute little packaging caught my eyes instantly. I thought What the heck. Might as well grab it, might come in handy some day. It costs me BND$2.90 which I don't think is that expensive but I definitely won't be buying this on a regular basis just because I prefer using facial wipes which costs me BND$2 for 80 pieces. lol

If I'm not mistaken they have a variety of make-up remover pads, even one that comes in a facial wipe form but of course, that one's more expensive than this particular one. I think it's pretty clever how they only make this really small remover pads especially for the eyes. Makes you think if there are make-up remover pads made especially for the forehead or temples.

The make-up remover pad is in a squared shape which covers your entire eye area so that's good. One pad is enough for both eyes; one eye for each side of this pad. They are pretty wet too so I don't think there's gonna be any problem of them drying out anytime soon.

As far as I know, the scent of these wipes isn't very strong at all! It has this subtle lavender smell to it which smells quite pleasant. :]

Okay this is the aftermath of me removing my eye make-up!
The result of wiping my eye-makeup twice!

I think it works pretty awesomely! What I did is place the make-up remover pad on my eye and wait for around 5 seconds before wiping them gently on my eye. The make-up comes right off!

This is before!

After using the eye make-up remover pad! Mind you I only use one piece!

It's pretty impressive, took all my eye make-up right off! This is actually my first time trying out make-up remover wipes of any kind. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of other good ones out there but Swisspers' works just as well. :D Totally recommend these. But to me they are still a luxury item. Nice to have, but not really necessary I guess.


  1. Ooo! They look really effective. :D I use facial makeup cleansing wipes which I love!

  2. I love using wipes when I'm exhausted. They're awesome!! =-)

  3. Oohh been looking for eye makeup pads! Haha for lazy days ;) btw, what facial wipes are you using that costs only $2?? I've been looking for cheap ones but I swear the cheapest ones I've seen costs about $7 :/

  4. @Amyboo yes they really are! :D

    @IridescentColors I know what you mean, I do that too normally when I'm too lazy to wash my face lol

    @Izzy I use those which you can find in soon lee or huaho! They are basically wet tissues. :DD



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