March 24, 2012

Books: The Hunger Games - Catching Fire - Second Installment

This post is centered around the second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. Please click here if you wish to read on my thoughts for the first Hunger Games book!

Gale, Katniss and Peeta!

Catching Fire tells us about what happened after Katniss won the Hunger Games. That's all I can say about the second book without giving out any spoilers lol basically it also tells on what impact the games have on her life back home in District 12. And also the sudden turn of the story towards the middle of the book which is really surprising!

What makes me wanna read Catching Fire ASAP is what Peeta said to Katniss at the end of the first book. Asking Katniss to hold his hand one more time for the audience. Here's how the author Collins describes it, "His voice isn't angry. It's hollow, which is worse." I don't know about you but that's what makes me curious as to what is going to happen to their relationship because throughout the first book we read of Peeta revealing to his feelings to Katniss in public. The first book also tells us how much he loves her through the things he said and the things he did for her. So... Yes I'm curious how he can suddenly be so emotionless towards her!

To be honest, out of the trilogy, I'm least fond of Catching Fire. Don't get me wrong, I love The Hunger Games trilogy but if you were to ask me which book is my favourite I wouldn't say Catching Fire is. Out of the three, Catching Fire is imho not the most exciting book but it is still very very enjoyable, of course. Don't be discouraged by what I say if you haven't read Catching Fire because it is still pretty amazing I'd say!

I'm pretty sure whoever who managed to read the first Hunger Games book will read the whole series because there is no reason not to especially when the story is freakin mind-blowing! I have yet to meet someone who only read the first book.

Catching Fire by Suzzane Collins

Please STOP reading if you don't wanna read any spoilers from here on out! I wanna share my thoughts to those who have read them. :)


So... are you guys as surprised as I am to find out that Katniss has to compete YET AGAIN in the Hunger Games?? It's totally mad what Snow will do in order to destroy Katniss! Even I myself, wonders if she is gonna survive this time around but knowing that there's a third book assures me she'll survive. After all, we all know she's a fighter! Sometimes I feel like Katniss is emotionless. She does come across as robotic to me when she does things like attempting to drown Buttercup the cat when she first found it.

As surprised as I am about Katniss and Peeta going for another round of The Hunger Games, I love Collins for introducing new characters into the book. My favourite new character that she brought in in Catching Fire is Finnick! At first I was quite skeptical about him because of the way Katniss sees him but once they were in the games and finding out a little bit about his past he really doesn't seem all that bad! The only thing with characters in a book is that you have to make up your own mind on how they look like! It's hard for me to imagine because he doesn't exist in real life.

The saddest part of the book is... yes of course, when Mags the old lady from Districk 4 who came with Finnick sacrificed herself to spare Katniss and Finnick the burden of saving her life. When she kissed Finnick on the cheek and runs off into the poisonous mist it was already heartbreaking for me but finding out that she used to be Finnick's mentor is just... ugh. Why?!! Gawd. Collins is good at making me cry wtf

Towards the ending it gets really confusing for me. The part where she's trying to do things about that metal cylinder and stuff. I'm not following and I don't know what's really happening at that point because everything seems so hectic and messed up like too much is going on. Like one minute she was still in the games and the next she's at this hospital and the others were there too. I was thinking how come because I thought there were supposed to be only one survivor in the games. Maybe it's really not that confusing though, not really sure because it was already 4am+ by that time when I was reading and I was fighting to stay awake to finish the book lol Everything gets explained in the third book, Mockingjay so that's alright.

Catching Fire by Suzzane Collins

I guess that's all I have to say about Catching Fire. The clothing that Cinna the designer made for Katniss seems really spectacular from what I read! I really hope they manage to make it look as awesome as they sounded in the book! The dazzling dresses and the ones that are on fire...

Btw I watched The Hunger Games movie during its premiere at The Mall this thursday thanks to Jim and I gotta say it's pretty awesome! I give it an 8/10! They did quite well with the scene where Rue died and also during her training before the games. The only thing I'm disappointed with is her costumes but that's okay, I still love it!

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  1. I stopped reading when you said too... lol. I WILL read these books. Even if its after the semester ends so that I have plenty of time to do it. =-)



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