March 8, 2012

Skin79: BB Cleanser O2

Skin79 Brunei launched the new BB Cleanser O2 late last year along with the new Vital Orange BB Cream and I was very excited to be given the chance to try out the new BB Cream! You can click here to check out my review on the Vital Orange BB Cream.

This time around I will be reviewing instead the BB Cleanser O2. I wasn't aware at that time but as it turns out, the BB Cleanser O2 has been receiving a lot of attention and has thus far sold out twice already in Brunei since its launching! It has so much hype build up around it and I wasn't sure why but now I know... IT'S AMAZING! It's so very in demand that anyone who wanted to try out the samples have to request for them on Skin79 Brunei's facebook wall if they wish to get their hands on 'em!

Skin79 BB Cleanser O2

I really like the packaging! It comes in a shiny plastic tube with a baby-pink cap and pink-colored font. It also comes with a pump so you can just pump the product out. Cute! Based on the packaging I'd say it's suitable for teenage girls as well ;)

This cleanser claims to provide deep cleansing to the skin, using the oxygen bubbles to remove impurities from the skin including BB Cream, eyes and lip makeup! It also claims to naturally brighten the skin after cleansing whilst replenishing moisture back into the skin. It is also gentle enough for daily use! I cleanse twice a day using the BB Cleanser O2. :)

(Click to enlarge!)

The cleanser is in a gel-like texture and it has a very yummy floral scent! Sometimes I like to open the cap just to smell it lol

Anyway, immediately after you first apply the gel-like BB Cleanser O2 onto your skin, bubbles will start to form and the instruction on the packaging asked to wait for one or two minutes for sufficient bubbles to form before massaging the face. But it took less than that for me; around 45 secs probably. As stated by Skin79, the purpose of the bubbles is to deliver oxygen to the skin. Yes, Skin79 has managed to make the process of facial cleansing fun!

Here's how I use it!

I start off with a wet face. I heard that you can use it dry as well but for me it's easier to massage my face when my skin is wet so I opted to wet my face. I normally do this in the shower anyway so my face will be wet no matter what lol By the way I have on foundation in this picture before cleansing..

Here I go!

Then I apply the BB Cleanser O2 onto my skin and wait for bubbles to form. Tip: If you get bored of standing in the bathroom waiting for bubbles to form, brush your teeth! That's what I normally do. ;)

After waiting an ample time for the bubbles to finish forming I massaged my face with the BB Cleanser O2! This normally takes me about one minute or more if I'm wearing any foundation or BB Cream. Gotta make sure I take 'em all off!

Right after cleansing!

One thing I love love love about this cleanser is that your skin feels so smooth when you wash off the bubbles! After patting my face dry I will just go on to my normal routine of applying the Skin79 A.C. Clinic Anti-Trouble Skin (Toner) and then the A.C. Clinic Anti-Trouble Lotion (Moisturizer)! Skin absorbs the moisture so well and it prevents my skin from having dry patches. :)

I guess the only thing about this cleanser is that the lettering on the product wears off after a while, just like the Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream. Other than that, I love this thing!

Skin79 BB Cleanser O2

This is undoubtedly one of my favourite Skin79 product thus far! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to try out this amazing product.The Skin79 BB Cleanser O2 retails for BND32.90! If you haven't try this out and is curious you can request for some samples at Skin79 Brunei's facebook wall or better yet, go purchase one! You won't regret it, I promise.


  1. This actually looks great. I love a good cleanser- especially to clean my pores really well. I thought it was awesome that you said it has oxygen bubbles because that probably will make it even better for your pores.

  2. I had the samples when I bought the Hot Pink BB cream, haven't used it until now, but thankfully you made a review! It's too expensive for a cleanser for me =/ but I'm sold. I think I'll buy this with a motivation, finish up all my assignments then I'll purchase as a reward :p

  3. it looks like an amazing cleanser, you skin really looks better after cleansing.

  4. you got the cleanser!! always wanted to try it out but havent got the chance to D: AHH seems promising!

  5. @IridescentColors yeah it is. This is actually the first time I've seen any cleanser that builds up bubbles!

    @ImahAyub haha good luck with your challenge! you can never go wrong with the O2 cleanser, trust me. ;)

    @AtomicNony It is, I loveeeee it!

    @Qasrina Lemme know if you got one! Definitely worth checking out.

  6. Great Review. I saw this on that Taiwanese talk show and I got all curious about. After reading your review I definitely want it!
    Please check out my blog too ^.^

  7. @CiliaLi yes you should try it out! Worth the money :DD

  8. Very nice review of Skin79 BB Cleanser, it's so detailed. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing us your review. I will wait for your another make up reviews! :)



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