March 12, 2012

Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner

So Kenny has been telling me about this eyeliner that she swore by saying that it's really one of the best that she's tried so far and is very very cheap so I asked her where she got it.

"Oh, India!"

I knew right then I will probably never get the chance to try it out. Unless I go to India or something lol But being the sweet Kenny that she is, she bought one for me when she went there recently! It's not even funny how cheap this eyeliner is. BND$0.30!!

Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner

I was pretty excited to try this out because before this I have never tried any Indian beauty products before! The product itself is small so it's easy to carry around in your purse. Especially since kajal eyeliners are usually creamy so you'll need it to touch up your makeup throughout the day. But only if you want to, no pressure. lol

The description at the back.

Kenny mentioned to me that once you applied the eyeliner it will have this cooling effect. She said they made it that way because India is scorching hot so the eyeliner helps with cooling the eye down or something.

Made me go all...

Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner

This is what the product looks like. It does makes me wonder what's gonna happen when the tip becomes blunt. Maybe I should sharpen it with a cosmetics sharpener or maybe I could just use a brush to pick up the product and line my eyes with it. I haven't figured out that part yet but for now, it'll do.

But it really looks like a black crayon, doesn't it? :D

Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner swatched

Look at the intensity of the black kajal in comparison to Maybelline's Shadow Liner!! It's crazy how black the kajal liner is! It reminds me of Urban Decay's blackout eyeshadow. Super black. What's even better is the fact that it's a kajal liner meaning it's really easy to smudge out the eyeliner if you wanted to create a smokey look to your makeup. I've always preferred the smudged out look in comparison to the clean black line anyway so this eyeliner suits me just perfectly!

Here's a couple of pictures of me wearing the Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner. I really like it! It's super easy to apply because it's so creamy and it just glides on without much effort. I wouldn't say it's super long-lasting though, perhaps just enough to last for 4-5 hours maybe. But if you want it to last longer you can always apply a black eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner. :)

And btw, it really does have this cooling effect to it!! Not like the extremely minty feel which made my eyes water LOL but it has this subtle cooling effect and it feels really refreshing to my eyes! Maybe if I ran right after I wear it, it will feel even cooler? Curious. However, after a while the cooling effect wears off though.

I don't know if they sell these in Brunei but I'm assuming they're not? Maybe in Malaysia? Either way, I just wanna share my experience with this product. Definitely not something that you get to see everyday here. For me at least. haha


  1. This is awesome- I've always wanted to try the kajal liners. I've heard they are much better for your eyes too. looks much more pigmented in your swatches

  2. i THINK they are sold @ Ya Nur, Kuala Belait. cos they look so familiar!

  3. @Tiera Hm.. gotta check this Ya Nur place out!

  4. hey..i liked your review about blue heaven kajol(kohl)..being an indian all i can say is yes it comes dirt cheap and the color payoff is good indeed but maybelline is quite leading the market now and blue heaven isn't so widely popular :(
    by the way i had started off from blue heaven itself :D



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