April 6, 2011

Update- Fer real

Hey people!

Yes, yes I'm still alive. But just barely. :P These past few weeks I have been super busy at school, what with all the assignments and deadline gaining on me. I can barely keep up!

This week has so far been kinder so thank goodness I can finally post something up on this blog. Teehee. Last week was really rough for me coz I had this pain in my right ear and it actually kept me from sleeping! I can only sleep for minutes at a time before being woken up again by the unbearable pain in my ear. Only when I went home and went to the doctor's I found out that I have an ear infection. Or something like that. As if my life itself isn't awesome enough.

So these past few days I'm on 12 pills and 8 drops of medicine in my ear everyday. Crazy anot??! But the pain is gone and at least I can sleep now without being woken up by pain, of all things. =/

Random cute image.

My project 10 pan is still ongoing. And I'm already kinda sick of using the same stuff every single day just so I could get to the bottom of those stuff. You know, it's so different to use makeup just for the sole purpose of finishing them in comparison to using them just because you feel like it. Now, I feel like it's my duty to finish them. So I use them without any feelings and I know this sounds totally weird but I think I lost my connection to these products. I can't wait to get rid of them. =P

Also, it's funny how these products doesn't seem to get any less than when I first started. -_-

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