April 8, 2011

The ghosts must be crazy

Hey people!

I just got back from The Mall with Cassandra and Ya Hui. We watched this Singapore movie called 'The ghosts must be crazy'. The girls told me that there's one movie like this before also by Jack Neo and this is supposedly the second part. Or so I thought. Apparently, this movie consists of two parts, which means two separate stories both unrelated but is about ghosts? Shhduh.


It's not bad. Definitely funny, as expected from a typical Singapore movie. But honestly, I'd rather watch this at the comfort of my own home, coz personally I think this is the family type of movie. I prefer reserving 'big shot' movies for the cinema like Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter series, Transformers, Iron Man and the likes. But overall, I really enjoyed this one as well. :D

Went to Hot point for dinner.

Me, Cass and Ya Hui

Don't we totally looked like a lesbian couple??! HAHAHA ;P


nom nom nom

My crispy chicken burger.

Cass's cheese baked rice. Rice and cheese. =x

The aftermath. I swear we ate like ladies!! I don't know what happened wtf

Okok one last shot of me!

Before going out.

xoxo, Shely.

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