April 17, 2011

Sasa's Nature Brown

Hey girls!

It's Sunday today! Time sure flies sometimes. As usual, I have nothing better to do at home so I whipped out this palette which was given to me last week by an awesome friend and tried 'em out! Decided to blog about it coz I missed blogging about makeup. =D

Sasa's own brand of makeup I believe?

Palette No.3 - Nature Brown

The instructions at the back of the packaging. I never followed instructions on any palettes but just this time, I did. Just to see how nice it can turn out to be :P

The swatches w/o flash.

The lighter colors aren't very pigmented. :( But I love the brown!! Super pigmented!

Here's how mine turns out.

I look weirddd.

Sorry no close ups. Trust me, you don't wanna see my face close up wtf

Look at the teddy bear in the background! LOLOL
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