April 22, 2011


Hey guys!

I'm currently blogging from the resource room of the female hostel. So freakin hot in here, there's always something wrong with the air conditionerr. I don't know why I stayed back when I could've gone back yesterday coz I have no plans to attend class tomorrow. Shhh :P But there's this final meeting about our final assignment and bla bla bla, here I am.

Damn its super hot.

We also need to declare our Major soon. I heard some of my friends have already filled in the form 2 weeks ago?? Gosh why am I always the last to know about these stuff?? #foreveralone

Anyways, here are some shots taken when Sharon and James fetched me from the hostel.

Capers! I don't understand their menu though. =/

Can you spot the third wheel? Hint: She's holding the camera :P

Sharon's annoyed face. I wonder what I did... *scratch head*

Doing what I do best!!

Nom nom nom *Note the artistic angle!!* lolol

I'm craving for this strawberry iced tea nao!

Chicken Honey Garlic pizza.

Anyways, Shala finally shipped my MAC stuff to me like 10 days ago. I can't wait for it to arrive!! It's not much but the total price of the stuff are around GBP130!! Super crazy if you ask me. And if I'm not mistaken when it arrives I have to pay 5%/15% tax fml But ahh whatevah!! She also accidentally bought Too Faced's Insurance policy palette for me. I had this 'shopping list' for her when she left for UK but in the end I cancelled the palette. Guess she never got the memo?? lol

I gave her the list before I was on Project 10 pan so they don't count as cheating!! I'm so smart right. :D wtf... I'm done with only 2 things so far, 7 more to go fml!! I don't know how much longer I can hold it arrghhh it's killing me!! Okay bye!
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