April 10, 2011

Skin79's Skin Protector!

Hey people!!

Have you ever feel like you've been jumping from one skin care product to another hoping to find the perfect one which suits you most? I know I definitely have. I believe I've tried at least 5 different ones and I can't say they all worked on me. =/ Story of my life!!

It's been a while since I last did a review on beauty products. And I thought I shall do so today, on one of Skin79's skin care line, A.C Clinic. Not something you see me posting everyday, eh? ;) It's a skin care line focusing on clearing out acne, oil control and 'preventing troubled skin'. (Okay, please stop describing my face!!)

Skin79's A.C Clinic (Advanced Technical Derma Solution)

I got the whole range about 3 weeks ago and started using it so I think I am now worthy of providing a little something something on these products for you guys. :D If there's one thing I had to say, I really like the packaging of these stuff! They're serious and expensive looking, who doesn't like that?!

There're basically 4 products in this range. Lemme break it down for ya:

1) Skin Clearing Cleanser

2) Anti-Trouble Skin

3) Anti-Trouble Lotion

4) Anti-Trouble Spot Gel (Optional)

Step 1:

Skin Clearing Cleanser - BND35.90

So what you're supposed to do with this is squeeze out a little amount like so...

Honestly, I think this is too little. You need a lil more than this, esp if your face thick like mine. :P Then rub your palms together to create the foamy texture, then massage into face!

Okay something like this. I look so silly! HAHAHA

Cleanse with lukewarm water, as usual. At first, I wasn't a big fan of the scent. But in the end it grew on me. It has this fresh and clean scented smell, which should be normal since it is, after all, a facial cleanser! shhduh They told me that these products are made of fresh fruit peels! How awesome is that?! (I heard those are good for your skin?)

Anyways, Step 2:

Anti-Trouble Skin - BND39.90

This is basically the toner and all you need to do is pump it to get the stuff on your cotton ball and apply it on your... wait for it... face!!

Very easy!

Okay, you have to be careful with this one coz as you probably know, toners are very watery and volatile so when you spritz it, make sure you're aiming right coz there's been times when it just missed and all the toner that's supposed to be applied on the face ends up on the floor. It might just be me though... see I have these really huge palms... (more on that later wtf)

Step 3:

Anti-Trouble Lotion - BND43.90

Behold, the most expensive product in the range! The moisturizer, very very important! It has a gel-like consistency, said to suit oily-combo skin like mine and feels very soothing when applied. What I like about this is also how fast it absorbs into my skin. Awesomeness.

Just pump the product out like so...

What annoys me sometimes though, is how similar packaging of the toner and moisturizer are! I always grab for the wrong ones when I'm in a hurry so if you have the same problem, I suggest placing a sticker on one of them so you can tell them apart easily. I didn't do this though, coz I don't wanna ruin the whole 'serious and expensive' look! lol :PP

Step 4 (Optional):

Anti-Trouble Spot Gel - BND34.90

You can use this when you suddenly grow that extra big and angry pimple when you wake up one random morning. You know, the one's that's raw-looking, red and painful when you touch it... yes, yes exactly that one you're pointing at on your face. lol

I don't use this that much, just because I don't usually wake up with that big and angry pimple on my face. Thank goodness for that. I do have smaller and tamer ones though... haha :P Basically you just need the teeniest amount and then apply it on the 'troubled acne' using the squeeze tube and let it sit for the day/night. Whenever you feel you need it. Again, easy peasy! :DD

Here's me after A.C Clinic happened. :)

Yes, I've gotten darker! Result of dancing under the sun without an umbrella :P

Overall, I think this Skin79's A.C Clinic deserves some good lovin'. I did get some breakout when I was about a week into using these products but then again, another friend of mine broke out too. So I'm blaming it on the peanuts we're munching on a few days before wtf But in the end, the pimples are gone so I'm now a happy happy bunny! :D

Hm... I did wonder why Skin79 doesn't mash its moisturizer with some SPF. Perhaps they are letting their BB Creams do the job??

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