April 2, 2013

Spending our day in Sunway Pyramid

After almost two months here in KL, me and the girls finally decided to give Sunway Pyramid a visit. It was by far the furthest place we've traveled by train and bus but nonetheless it was worth it! Funnily enough we ended up not buying anything at all and there are A LOT of sales going on. I think part of the reason why we didn't get anything is because there are too many things on sale to browse through so we don't even bother lol

Kenny and Norain

Awesome ferris wheel in the mall

A pet shop selling bunnies! They're so fat and cute!!

Indoor skating rink which we have yet to try

Kenny and me at KFC. It was a Saturday and the food area was jam packed!

Lots of cute elephants on display

My favorite of all!

Ok this is nice too lol

  Can't end the night without a visit to Starbucks.

I was Shirley that night

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful pics.^^
    Yep,this is my natural hair color...:-)
    Lovely greets



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