April 30, 2013

Life updates and more FOTD!

So I've been gone about two weeks and I hardly noticed! When you have much to do I guess you tend to prioritize things and this particular hobby of mine has been pushed back to the end of the list. I was having breakfast earlier. Hot Milo, Marks & Spencer dark chocolate, Lindt chocolate truffles and Lindt chocolate biscuits. So yes, I've been a total chocolate freak lately and worst of all I can't seem to stop! I really admire some of my friends who doesn't give two shits about chocolate. How do they do it?? Living with another chocolate freak (yes, it's Kenny lol) certainly doesn't help. She call ourselves partners in crime.

Anyway, school is pretty boring with the usual stuff. Presentations, essays and tests. The good thing is, our tests are open-book tests so that's that. I also did a presentation with two fellow German classmates and that was pretty cool. I don't know, life outside campus outshines life in campus so much there's no comparison. My family came to visit last week and that was some of the best fun I've had. Somewhere along the way I became the unofficial tour guide and it was pretty hectic shepherding seven adults in the city of KL. I also went to a luxurious conference in Genting, wined and dined with Kenny and the family and for the first time in my life, sat in a bar with my mom and drank with her while we chatted like old pals. The night life here is great, 3 in the morning looks and sounds like 9pm. I doubt I'll ever get over it.

 The other day I took some more before and afters. Some day I'll really need to do something about those eyes of mine.

Kim and Azna liked the eyeliner I'm wearing so much they went out to Sephora just to buy it! I'm glad I bought two. :x

 I hardly ever used to do this but I'm starting to like smudging eyeliner on my waterline. I rarely do this before because using dark eyeliner on the lower lash line 'closes' the eyes and makes it look smaller. As if my eyes can get any smaller than it already is. But to hell with that, I'll wear my makeup in any way I like it!

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