November 23, 2011

Norman Reedus. And the holidays.

Hey people!

So I finally have time to actually sit down in front of the computer screen and blog. I've had my last day of exams earlier today and you have no idea how glad I am that it's finally ovar! Good thing it only took 3 days. Who knew how much coffee I'd drink if the exams took two weeks? Eeek.

I'm pretty excited for the holidays! Don't have much of a plan yet but I think it was a much needed break after four months of madness running around campus just thinking of meeting deadlines, essays, essays and more essays! Just this semester alone I've done around 6 or 7 presentations! Madness I tell you!! :p

So amongst all these chaos I still managed to watch HIMYM, Modern Family, 90210 (stopped halfway, can't catch up), American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries and most importantly, The Walking Dead! After that episode of Daryl Dixon hunting and almost got shot in the head I was head over heels for this series. Unfortunately the second season of The Walking Dead is ending wtf so bad timing #fail

Right? Right??! lol

Also, I don't know if you (I hope someone reads my blog!) remember me mentioning about a giveaway about 2 months ago but I'm finally gonna do it really soon! I had a lot on my plate this semester so I never got around to it but be sure to check back yeah... anytime now... ;p

Here's a preview...

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