November 12, 2011

Going to the hairdresser's + Awesome dinner

Hey people!

Went out to Seria yesterday to get my much needed haircut at Sally's. Before this I still had the bleached ends from literally years ago and it's really starting to look pretty horrible so I had them cut. I don't usually visit the hairdresser's as much as I should have. Maybe a few times a year. Sometimes I don't cut my hair for more than a year which is probably why they tend to reach my hips sometimes. If my fringe grows, I just cut them myself even though it's uneven :p No one notices trust meeee hahah

At Sally's

Goodbye ugly bleached ends!

Then I saw this...

The lady who always did my hair (I think her name is Kim), told me they can now dye hair without bleaching and it will still look really vibrant. I was debating between the top row third from left and that neon pink! I've always wanted to have reddish hair or have some pink highlights done just because. But in the end I picked the 'fire red'.

I kinda thought this would look too bright if I dyed the whole head so I asked to just do the tips of my hair but she recommended doing it higher. I'm okay with whatever actually because hair grows! :p

Waiting excitedly with my body wrapped in an ugly sheet wtf

Putting magic potion in my hair...

She used the whole thing!

After washing and cleaning...

Two people working on my hair coz I was in a rush and very eager to leave

End result! Okay the lighting sucks here.

It looks something like this under the sun. This shot was filtered though.

It took around 45 minutes for the color to set in so you can imagine how bored I was. Special shout out to Bejeweled which made time fly. lol Everything took around two hours basically. After that, me and the siblings decided that we are hungry and we went to Excapade!

Shots of fooooood.

Never missed ordering this whenever we step foot into Excapade. My guilty pleasure!

Too sweet.

I am so going to eat you, octopus...

Chicken + raw egg + tofu

Someone on campus always reminds me of my brother... heh heh

Crunchy AND soft at the same time! Noms

Emphasizing my eyebags... sigh

Dearest sister Sharon!

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  1. Love your new haircolor! But damn my local shops should carry this stuff! So I won't have to go trough all the trouble of bleaching and killing my hair XD

  2. Thanks! Yeah eventhough it might be dry but its definitely less dry than bleached hair! :))

  3. Oh my! I've been wanting to dye my hair vibrant red for so long without bleaching! Then I finally found this! How much did it cost? It's in seria right? And what are your thoughts about the dye job?does it fade fast? Thanks! Xx

  4. this costs me around B$50. Yup its at seria :) I think the dye job is pretty good! unfortunately the color has faded quite a bit, not really happy about that but then again i shouldve taken more care of my hair so thats probably why it didn't last as long as it could've? :p

  5. aww so now it's faded to a brownish colour? Hmm cause i'm going to melbourne in feb, and i wanna dye my hair soon, but i don't want it to be brown by the time i get to melbourne! haha unless i touch up on CNY. thanks for the info!

  6. yeah. it has definitely lost its color. Have fun in Melbourne! u're welcome! :)



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