November 9, 2011

Are your eyebrows perfect?

Hey guys.

If there's one thing that I can never do right, it's my eyebrows. I can safely say that all my life I've been having problems with the shape of my eyebrows. They just never look right to me. Sometimes I wonder how those people with perfect eyebrows do it. My eyebrows are pretty sparse and the little hairs stick out all over the place even after I go through them with the cute little eyebrow comb a bazillion times.

No matter how much I try to trim them or whatever, they still look crappy. Story of my life!

How can?? I want also!

Another thing I wanna complain about my eyebrows :p are the fact that they are both shaped really differently. Michelle Phan always says, "Your eyebrows should not look like twins - they are sisters." My eyebrows are not even related to each other wtf

Sometimes, they're too thick...

Sometimes, too thin...

Sometimes they're okay...

Other times, I don't even bother.

Every time I do my makeup I normally start with my eyebrows just because it's the hardest to do, for me at least and I know it will look horrible either way so I wanted to get it out of the way asap lol What I need to do is to hire a pro to help me do my eyebrows every morning for the rest of my life then I shall be fine. :p

I use both eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powder. Or eye shadows. Depends on which is within my reach. Maybe I could do a post some other time on how I do my eyebrows horribly lol I'm open to constructive criticism ;)

But I guess we all know I'll always camwhore no matter how ugly my eyebrows are.
Camwhore ftw!!

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