April 15, 2009

New moon's hotties!!

"Used to wish for a window, To see birds, trees and sky, But you're better without one - Stops you aiming too high. Hide the pain, carry on, Routine is the key. Don't let on that you're not, What you're pretending to be. " - by Puff

Stumbled upon this somewhere.

Anyways... Been watching American Idol just now. My favourite this week is Kris Allen's performance. That guitar's melody caught my attention the second it played. So nice~ Sad to say, Danny Gokey's not standing out this week. I wonder who's gonna be in the bottom three? I'm gonna predict Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds and .... man this is so tough.

By the way, i've seen photos of Taylor Lautner now that he's gained that 26 pounds. I've also a photo of New Moon's new cast, Alex Meraz. Oh yeah, and also Chaske Spencer who's gonna play Sam Uley.


Alex Meraz. Yeah, i know what ya'll thinkin.... and NO freakin way you can have him. HE's MINE!!! xDDD


Nah, here... you can have this one =) Chaske Spencer.



Yeap, he's definitely working out! I can't wait for New moon!!

God.. I really should be studying for my business studies paper tomorrow. Damn.

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