May 12, 2013

Hauls and some other stuff

So did I really just wrote up my last post a week ago? Felt just like yesterday when I sat down and updated my blog. Time really flies when you have much to do and places to go. I've been posting on instagram more lately so you should totally follow me there lol My username is pinkydiamonds. Figured I could update you guys through the pictures I posted there on this fine sunny Sunday.

I bought this sexy pair of booties a few weeks ago in... gosh I can't remember the name of the store now. Debenhams I think it is. Yeah. The best part about Debenhams is that when new stuff came in, they really cut down the prices of their older stuff by half. This particular pair usually costs more than RM200 and I got them for RM80. Good luck finding a pair like this with a price like that in Brunei!

Sunshine by Marc Jacobs

I was looking for another perfume and I stumbled across this one in Pavilion and it smelled really good. Then somehow I found out it's one of their limited edition fragrance and I saw it again in amarixe's April favorites video and then all I can remember is marching straight into Aeon in Midvalley and purchasing it on the spot. It only comes in a 50ml bottle and is a eau de toilette. I can't really smell it on me after some few hours but my friends can smell it when they're 'in range' haha The original Daisy perfume smells good too but of course one will always go for the limited edition version. Top notes: Red Currant, Guava, Juicy Mandarin. Mid notes: Lily of the Valley, Violet, Lychee. Base notes: Apricot Skin, Blonde Woods, Musks

Another beauty haul from a few weeks ago! The Soap and Glory facial scrub is really something. The grains are really small compared to the regular ones you can easily find in drugstores like the Neutrogena facial scrub but they work wonders. My skin has been giving me problems as of late and they're getting rough and I have spots on my jaw and neck area it's horrible. The scrub has been helping a lot and I've been using it once or twice a week. 

The Sephora eyeliner is another great find. They are extremely creamy and is very pigmented. This is good and also bad at the same time. Good because it's easy to glide on your eyelids, bad because they're so creamy you have to sharpen them after every few uses. But it's totally worth it so you'll probably see me back in Sephora scavenging for the other colors soon. lol I also bought MAC's lipstick in Ravishing! That color stood out from the other lipsticks like a sore thumb. It has an orange-y shade and it's gorgeous.

Ahh... zouk's. Where absolutely anything and everything can happen, according to my friends. haha! That night I tried shisha for the first time at a bar called Temptation on Changkat street. I can't remember ever seeing anyone smoke this in public in Brunei so I'm assuming it's illegal back home. I don't know. Anyway, it's basically flavored smoke and we tried mint peach. Not bad!

I missed working out so much I had to do it every now and then here else I'll go mad and poor Kenny had to listen to the loud music and watch me flail my arms around trying to catch up with the beats. hahaha oh well, Kenny's a sweetheart and she said she doesn't mind. But seriously, I can't wait to go back and resume my usual workout routine. And I am in love with the polar watch my sister Shala got for me!! It's so gratifying when you know how much calories you burn with each workout. If only it measures the calories consumed and help you calculate the balance by the end of the day. Then life will be almost perfect.


  1. i miss visiting your blog shelly. love all those look with those make ups.

  2. You hauled some great goodies! I love the booties! And I love NYX and MAC also. Especially their lipglosses and lipsticks.

  3. Dorothy MackaillMay 28, 2013 at 8:18 PM

    Love that boot, I'm in love with this perfume! It's girly, fun and fresh. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't last very long at all. But other than that, it's a great product. You look cute in black top:)




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