February 18, 2013

Adjusting to life in KL

The past few days after arriving in KL was crazy, to say the least. The new semester has started today but we are still scrambling around campus trying to figure out how to handle our visa. UM is about 5 times bigger than UBD and to go from one faculty to another you may or may not need a bus. I can't wait to finally settle down and start my life as an exchange student! 

Midvalley was one of the places we first went to when we arrived. 

Top Shop. We didn't really buy anything yet, just browsed around. 

 Can't help but take this shot @ MPH

Gave in and bought these two!

Day 2 of orientation. Me and Kenny's goal is to blend in with the locals lol

In our first lecture. Turns out class was cancelled! 

We are currently staying in Pantai Hillpark. It's a really hilly area and we had to walk up and down the hill everyday to go out. It's literally a workout on its own! The lifestyle here is of course different than what we're used to but it's fairly easy to adapt. The LRT is really useful to go places. I don't know if people usually use LRT when on vacation but you can use it and the monorail to reach all the major shopping areas like KLCC and Bukit Bintang. There are aplenty of buses at KL Sentral that takes people to Genting.

Makeup wise, as you can see from the above shot I am sticking to glasses. lol I have yet to shop for any makeup! 


  1. wow you're an exchange student. that's actually an great privilege. keep it up, shelly. and those shops looks attractive.


    1. Yes, I'm really excited about it! Thanks for the support :)

  2. How lucky you are that the first class was canceled!:D Hope you'll adjust perfectly and enjoy yourself, hoeny.;)



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